Books by Pastor James Ford Jr




What happens when a man loves a woman? His marriage lasts for a lifetime! Drawing on the story of Jacob and Rachel, Ford encourages you to love your wife by living according to God’s Word. Discover how to meet your spouse’s spiritual, emotional, and social needs and celebrate the God-given differences between you.




Make your marriage last a lifetime by showing, not just telling, your husband that you love him! Exploring ways to help you “stand by your man,” Ford encourages you to put his needs before your own, protect him emotionally and psychologically, and be his biggest cheerleader.



Why did God create holy matrimony? Whether you’re engaged or newly wed, you’ll find the answer here! Walking you through Scripture, Pastor Ford reveals seven timeless truths to help you lay a firm foundation for your lifelong relationship. Discover how strengthening your partnership, welcoming children, and enjoying one another can fortify your marriage.





This book, Living The Blessed Life, is geared toward those who want to know the benefits of living a life committed to the Lordship of Christ in every area of life.  While it is not a “get rich quick” or “the Christian life is problem free” book, it is full of principles that deal with money,  problems, faith, etc.  The book is meant to help one see life from God’s perspective and therefore provide the tools to live a “blessed life”. Reading this book will guarantee you will live The Blessed Life, according to the bible.