Church App

Our new Mobile App has been published, and is ready to use.

Our Church new mobile App URL for sharing is:  and should be opened on the mobile device then saved to the device Home Screen.

 For Android users:

                               1.) Click the Link – when it opens you will see notification options,  hit notify me, then Allow, then press Allow again.
                               2.) There are 3 Dots on the TOP BAR RIGHT NEXT TO “SHARE”, Click those
                               3.) then choose “add to home screen”

 For Ipone users:

                              1.) Click the Link – when it opens click the Compass button (the circle with the 2 arrows pointing diagonal – if it was a clock 1 would point at the number 2 and the other would point at the number 8) 
                              2.) when you are in the new window of the same app, click the share button
                              3.) scroll util you see a square box with a plus sign, then choose “add to home screen”

Remember: The goal is to “add to home screen”. 

If you see an alert or a tab that says Add To Home Screen then by all means PRESS IT !!!!!!!
And you’re done!
Some android phones will ask you… if it does PRESS IT!!!!!! 
Please read this in its entirety before you email saying you can’t do it. Please do not call the office because they are not handling the Church app. 
Love you with the patient love of Christ:) 
I hope this helps!!!