Mens Discipleship Class

GAL 6:6
1 TIM  5:17
Based on the Bible we should bless Pastor Ford for doing the  hermeneutics class. We are commanded to grow in the grace and knowledge of your LORD. By GOD’S grace HE has given us a shepherd who has the gift to teach but also a heart for his members. Us as Christian men should be willing to bless him just because a saint should always be on the giving end. The class itself if taken somewhere would cost more than $100. So I’m  proposing each man give $50. Now if that is to hard the minimum is $25. Brothers we have till the 5th of April lets be a blessing to a man who really deserves it. Please fill free to give as much as you like but please contribute something. Deacon Smith or J Ford will be collecting the funds.
Thanks for being in unity with and for one another.