Missions Ministry


Evangelism and discipleship for all nations through the entire Christ Bible Church obeying the Greatest Commandment and fulfilling the Great Commission. 


Inspire the CBC assemblies to pray fervently for unsaved people worldwide and actively support local, national and international missionary evangelism and discipleship efforts.


1. Encourage and Support CBC Missionaries
a. Maintain regular contact including mutual prayers and encouragement between
CBC and our missionaries.
b. Provide material and financial support to our missionaries in a consistent and
timely manner.
c. Lift up a special offering  for the support/encouragement of our missionaries.
d. Partner with our missionaries in the field by providing practical support through Christian
service in their ministries.

2. Raise CBC-wide Awareness of Missionary Support and Service Opportunities
a. Hold Missions Awareness Services every third Sunday of each month; highlighting local, national and international missions organizations.
c. Regularly exhibit missionary or missions organizations in a designated space at CBC
d. Host an annual missions conference every first Saturday in November.
3. Support Participation in Local, Regional and International Missions Service
a. Facilitate onsite training for those who desire to serve locally and abroad.
b. Partner with existing missions agencies for missions service.
c. Create a list of potential missions agencies for service.
d. Equip CBC families, teens and members who express a desire to serve.
Potential Areas for Local Service:

CBC Feeding Ministry and Food Pantry; Pacific Garden Mission; nursing homes; crisis pregnancy centers

Potential Countries of Service:

Haiti, Kenya, Ghana, India, Brazil, Japan, China, Korea, Mexico, Romania, Canada, France,
England and wherever else the Holy Spirit may lead!

Potential Focus Areas for Missions Projects and Activities:

Widows and orphans, the forgotten elderly (nursing homes), human trafficking, homelessness, natural disaster relief, serving the Persecuted Church, supporting Bible translation,  assisting in providing Christian education


Sampson Green, Elder
Charese Jackson, Chair
David Bryant, Vice-Chair
Claudia Cantrell, Treasurer Liaison 
Stanley Merriwether, Missionary Correspondent Liaison
Craig Anderson, Secretary 
Joyce Walton, Member